Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pure Bliss!

 I think about growing up in Southern California and
 then the 17 years we lived in Arizona.
Do I miss the warmth of the sun,
the Arizona heat?
Not when I can experience the crisp, clean season of Winter.
Winter is so beautiful.
I love to watch the snow pile up and seek the
 different shades of blue that are encased in snow.
I love to watch the goats sink into snow deeper than their legs.
They look at trudging through the snow like a game.
 I love to watch  the snow swirl through the air.
To think that each tiny snowflake piles on top of 
one another to create inches and inches of snow.
 It amazes me that two of God's creatures that are only 5 months old can grow 
such a thick coat of fur that they stay warm all winter and never complain....
 Somewhere in there is the spring board.
 I love how their eyes are the color of winter snow 
or the sky on a warm summers day.
There is a driveway under here somewhere. 
 Many hands make light work.
Our friendly greeter
 Victoria wanted to know what it would feel
 like to just throw herself into the snowbank....
so we did it for her.
 Neighborly help....actually, I think Dave was having too much fun 
plowing his driveway so he came and finished plowing ours.
 It was a relief since we had been working on ours for over an hour.
We have great neighbors all around us.
 Sunny the Snowman
always happy,
always has a smile....

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