Monday, February 29, 2016

Snow Camping

While the girls and I were snug in our nice warm beds, 
our guys were out in Logan Canyon sleeping in the snow....snug in their bags!
 This is the highlight of Kaleb's world....snow camping.
He even taught the other scouts at one of their meetings about the 
proper gear for winter camping in extreme weather. We call him our Extremist. 
 Some of the scouts shoveled a quincy to sleep in.
Every year, Kaleb thinks up a different shelter to build.
 This year he made a hobo tent out of ski poles and a tarp.
 He said it was actually quite cozy in there.
Better him than me.
 Jared was tired from school all week so he shoveled a trench for his tent to sink down into.
Kirk and Jared were both tired from the long week, they both had said they couldn't believe they were going to go snow camping as they headed into the canyon for the night.
Kirk made a wood ceiling a couple years ago for his shelter that he uses every year now.
He says it is much roomier and less chance of it caving in on him.
It was a toasty 44 degrees inside.
He said it smelled quite nice with the sage brush.
 Kaleb helped the other leader flip flapjacks for breakfast.
I love that my boys don't back down from helping out.
The other adults have  a tendency to rely on both the boys because they are so responsible.
 I'm proud of my two Eagle Scouts!
and my hubby for hanging in there along the way!

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