Monday, February 29, 2016

Snowshoeing Franklin Basin

This was the most amazing day,
It was warm!
When we left the house it was 37 degrees!
Woo Hoo, t-shirt weather!
 For our Friday outing for Science/Field Trip/PE.... you gotta love Homeschooling,
we snowshoed Franklin Basin.
We kind of wanted to see what it looked like in the daylight. 
We had been here in the moonlight previously.
It was absolutely beautiful
 Part of the snow was crusted over and other parts were light and fluffy.
Either way it was fun looking for animal tracks...
winter colors and trees winterized.
Who knew that there would be this beautiful yellow...
Or the red of the Red Twig Dogwood...
 We still can't believe how warm it was.
 We had a mini winter picnic throwing snow balls into the pond.
Funny thing, obviously they float and didn't melt.
Kaleb told Victoria that she throws like a girl!
 Everything was so fresh and clean,
it was awesome and great to be outside.

 Kaleb being a Tree Hugger.
Have you kissed a tree today?

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