Friday, July 1, 2016

A beautiful day in paradise

Sometimes I look around and I can't believe what I'm seeing. Huge trees, green grass, weeds.....big weeds..... and these precious little kids who are three weeks old now!
God has been so good to us.
 Jared let Lizzy and the babies out so that he could build them a new gate that will be easier getting in and out of with an actual latch. Jacks, in true goat form, is an escape artist. So these gates will be so much better at keeping them in when they are supposed to be in.
Lizzy gave a quick word after getting her hooves trimmed by Kaleb and the little kids were nursing in an instant. They can be a little brutal when they feed. They use their poor mom as a punching bag, but Lizzy takes it in stride and lets them do it.
 Thunder is very social and will come running when you call her name. One of her favorite things to do is play with the rope swing.. 
 We have never had outside cats before. I pray for them all the time that God's band of angels will take care of them and keep them out of harms way. In the mean time, I really enjoy having them outside. Thunder loves to hang out with me while I work in the garden. I lose track of time playing with the animals. I thought this was cute how she was playing with a branch from the pine tree.
 In the mean time, her laid back brother, Lightning loves to be held, turned up side down and rubbed. 
They are growing so fast I wish they would just slow down....just a bit.
 Ella wondering where her mama went.
 I love that we can spend so much time outside. I have a secret spot in the yard where it is quiet and hidden. It took the kids quite some time to find out where it was. They would call me on my phone to find out where I am. 
 Victoria's reading buddy.
 When you have goats, nothing is sacred. They taste everything and might possibly eat it too. The kids were most curious about Jared's tool belt lying on the ground with all kinds of neat tools to pick up and drop. We pulled out kayaks out for tomorrow and of course PJ had to see what it would be like to stand on them.
 Kaleb decided to move the kittens outside while they took down the canoe in the shop. 
 Aren't they sweet?
I find myself finding a reason to go out to the barn just so I can play with them.
 Lovin on each other.
Jared is awesome!
One gate down, one to go.
Jacks is looking forward to his day out.
He was pretty jealous of Lizzy and was giving me the most pathetic bleating I have ever heard. He sounded like he was whining, he probably was....
I think I see a kitten in with the goats.

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