Friday, July 1, 2016

Backpacking Right Hand Fork

 We headed up Right Hand Fork to backpack overnight. We were on limited time so it was just an overnighter unfortunately. We are all in better shape than we have in the past. The girls packs were 25 pounds. I think they did quite well considering that half the hike in was up hill.
I love being a family together, spending time out in the wild.
Victoria planted herself hiking between the boys who were in the lead.
 There is just something about rushing water. I love the sound of water. It reminds me of the ocean that we miss deeply. Being near running water and beautiful green foilage in the forest is awesome too. 
 Kirk says this is proof that I was there. I am always the one taking the pictures so you rarely see me.
 There were butterflies everywhere. They fluttered down the gullies and followed the creeks. This pretty blue one is a Silvery Blue. There were tons of Swallowtails.
It was very magical.
 This is Willow Creek.
 This has to be the largest beaver lodge I have ever seen. Off to the right I even saw a beaver.
Cha-ching. I can mark that one off my bucket list. I've now seen a beaver in the wild. We usually only see their tracks or where they dragged trees leaving their footprints behind.

 Break time in the shade.

 Something that I love about our family is that we didn't hear a single complaint out on the trail. Okay, well maybe Victoria asked how much longer when we were hiking up hill for over an hour.
To me that doesn't really count. I was getting tired too but loving the fresh air and the assortment of flowers all along the way.
 The guys cooking!
I have trained them well!
 Sammy staring at the food drooling!
It's all that basset hound in him. Look at all that extra skin in his!
 Our little campsite.
The girls had the tents up before the boys even started.
My motivation was to remove my shoes! I hate shoes.
 And to take a nap...Kaleb already started.
 It was fun to just lay around and talk. It is always a perfect time to catch up and find out what is really going on in our family.
 My cute son, the carpenter!
 Nothing like reading The BFG (for the 4th time now) in the forest with a 35 pound lap dog halfway curled up in my lap. Sammy is my baby.

 This little creek looked like fairies lived here.

 One pooped out pooch. 
About the only time that Henry is under control is when he's tired.
 It is quite an event to wear this guy out. Hiking will usually do it.

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