Thursday, July 28, 2016

Logan River Trail

Kaleb and I got the brillant idea the other day while he was fishing at 
Spring Hollow to ride our bikes from Stokes Nature Center to Guinevah and back. 
It would be a 10 mile ride
 on our bikes but we thought it was totally do-able. 
Most of the trail to us looked fairly flat. 
What were we thinking!
It nearly killed Victoria and I. It was up hill and
 I had forgotten about this one section that was literally straight up with switch backs.
Needless to say we did make it at least to Spring Hollow
 which is 8, almost 9 miles round trip.
On the way up Victoria kept saying that she didn't think she was going to make it. 
And then flying down the trail going down hill she kept yelling that it 
was so Awesome! On the way up she kept saying that when she got home she
 was going to lay on the couch, read her book 
and not get off only to eat or go to the bathroom.
It makes me laugh because she hasn't done any of that.
She survived, I survived and Kaleb got a good workout 
while conditioning for an 80 mile backpacking trip that he is preparing for.
Hmmm....I wonder what our next adventure will be.

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