Saturday, November 12, 2016


Alex hanging out. 
Alex came down with an abcess in his chin, so Kaleb and I are giving him antibiotic shots every three days for the past 3 months. Reptiles have a very slow metabolism so it has taken a very long time for the antibiotics to work. All that being said, he won't be hibernating this winter. Yay....we get to have Alex up all winter. Sigh.
He sleeps in his box but when he is awake and wants exercise, he hangs on the side of his box waiting to be lifted out so he can walk around the kitchen and dining room.
We follow the sun around with him so he gets added UVB which is very important to reptiles, as well as warmth. We are so grateful for our vet that we see in Richmond. He has helped us so much through this process. Kaleb is quite the reptile caretaker too. He has been giving him the shot in his leg and doing an excellent job. I don't think Alex has been too upset with us. He is getting stronger every week now and showing signs of improvement.
He turned 30 this past August!
Way to go Alexander!

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