Saturday, November 12, 2016

Paint...My Favorite Thing

Okay, so this isn't paint. But how can you resist this little thing.
Thunder is quite the little sweetie.
I was plastering in the living room, trying to repair the humongous holes when she kept flipping her tail into the wet plaster. Victoria snatched her up and closed her in the dog crate where she quickly fell asleep, which was why she was probably there in the first place. 
She loves to be held when she wants a nap. 
 So, on to what is really going on. I started plastering when Jared grabbed a chisel and hammer. All plastering came to a halt when he decided to chip off plaster covering the chimney. Who in their right mind would plaster over a chimney like this? We have no idea.
 I love having a son who finds adventure in things like this.
Here is what this room looked like when we moved in. 
Notice the plastered chimney to the far right. Yuck!
And now look at it. 
Plastered walls, painted ceiling, painted walls, stripped chimney, vent closed up, carpet gone....
 It looks really homey now. This was once the parlor and in the 1940's it was a hair salon.
 To the right of this vent was another heater vent. We have no idea why there were two vents next to each other. Now there is just one. Once we get all the vinyl flooring up we will be refinishing the existing wood floors and adding back the base boards like the house was originally built in 1906.
I love to paint. It just has a way of freshening up something that looks old and worn out.
I have been known to change wall colors in the past like changing sheets. I don't think I will do that in this house. There is too much to do to be changing the wall color frequently.
Plus I love this color. 

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