Saturday, November 12, 2016

Camping in October

I had this persistent need to go camping and this was going to be our last chance.
Summer came and went like a whirlwind. Between the scout camping and Kirk's work schedule, we didn't get out camping like we had hoped for.
So I decided on my own, that I was going camping and anyone who wanted to come would meet us wherever I found to camp. Kaleb, Victoria and I packed the trailer, hitched it up to the van....all by myself, might I add, and ventured into Logan Canyon to find a camp site.

 It was the beginning of some much needed rest.
 And sparked some over all goofiness.
Kirk, Jared and Daphne met us at our campsite after work and school.
I felt like this was the beginning of a wonderful three days camping.
Well, for us maybe but not for Kirk.
This was the beginning of the worst migraine headache that he has had all year.
 The Fall colors were beautiful.
 I have discovered that I fail at starting decent fires.
 Good thing I have two Eagle Scouts to do that for me.
 I know I have been told that teenage boys can really eat a lot.
I never really knew how much until this past few years.
Boy can these guys pack away the food.
And one of them isn't even a teenager any more.
 Jared found an American Dagger Moth on our tent.
Who would think that this yellow caterpillar would morph into a drab brown moth.
 Here is proof that Daphne came too.
 We have no proof that Kirk was with us. Believe me he was. Unfortunately he refused to go home. He said he would rather feel miserable camping then being all alone at home.
I don't blame him but hearing the echo of him barfing in the woods was a little much.
 Me...tormenting my daughter who thinks she is too cool to be loved on by her mom!
We have a great family.

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