Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Girls

We celebrated the girls 12th and 24th Birthdays in the woods.
 Daphne let Victoria choose what she wanted on their cake.
Of course it had to be blue and wolves.

 Here they are standing next to their treasures.
 Hmmm, I wonder what's inside these beautiful presents.
 I love this spot at the Logan River in Card day use area.
There is just something about the sound of flowing water.
 Daphne and her Nana.
 See? Kirk came and didn't have a headache this time!
We're looking older these days even though we don't feel like we are older.
Wiser maybe....but not older.
 The girls.

 The guys.
 The day was perfect kicking back next to a crackling fire and a bubbling river.
 Daphne has now added to her collection of horses. She loves Cloud mustang.
 Victoria didn't know that the very lasso that she was driven us nuts about having since the County Fair was tucked away in my closet awaiting her special day.
 She has actually gotten pretty good with it. Now when the goats see her with it they keep moving hoping that she doesn't rope them.
 Victoria sporting her new jacket that she now lives in.

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