Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Broadway on Ice

 The Cache Valley Figure Skating Club put on an amazing show in April.
They have awesome coaches and a huge amount of talent...young and old.
 Victoria and Brooklyn had the opening number to Broadway Here I Come.
 These two were right on que with each other.
 They practiced long and hard and could do the number in their sleep.
 I love to watch Victoria skate. It is so crazy how she can do all these things on ice like she was just dancing on regular ground.
Kirk painted the backdrops for the show. They turned out great!
Everyone was excited to have them.
The other number that Victoria was in was Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera.
I love their costumes!
Victoria had her over the boot tights unattached...Anything to keep them from 
getting holes until the moment that she is on.
 Daphne's Utah State University Ice Skating Class skated a number
 from Wicked called One Short Day.
 One sister trying to make the other sister laugh!
 I happened to look down at the little girls sitting on the ice watching their coaches skate and saw little Ava doing the splits on the ice. 
 The Ice Skating Club is blessed with this husband and wife team as coaches. 
Hiroe and Januzs are incredible skaters who spent 12 years traveling the world skating 
for Disney on Ice. They are so much fun and are well loved by all the skaters.
And they are hard, and tough and really challenge the skaters to push themselves
 to be the best they can be. They are quite the inspiration.
 A rare moment to see these two sitting together....and smiling!
 The USU Figure Skating class acting goofy like all college students.
Daphne has had such fun with this group. 

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