Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of the Year Awards

At the end of every school year we try to do fun awards as well as grade completion.
Victoria received the Goat Mama award for the many hours that she has put into nurturing and raising our goats. It takes lots of hard work and devotion to not want to give in and continue to tolerate them.
Anyone who has goats would understand exactly what I mean.
 Kaleb received the "Right Way" award for his systematic life of organization and 
precise way of accomplishing things.
 Every year the kids fill out their grade and pack away school papers that they want to keep.
 Kaleb's book is quite full. It isn't even in good shape anymore with a few tears here and there.
 I love looking back at previous years.
 As I was browsing through Kaleb's book I came across this years entry. 11th grade. Kaleb's favorite author is the Apostle Paul...but the one that really got me was his favorite school play....Victoria's Daily Drama. He makes me laugh.
The two of them together can be quite comical. 

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