Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Evil Elf

Goats have a way of sounding like they are laughing....
at times they sound like a small child .....
or a crazed teenager.....
Goats are crazy agile,
and sometimes plain EVIL!!!!
 Don't let this cute little thing fool you!
Have you noticed the double layer of wire?
Probably because the little squirt is still small enough to fit through
the cattle panels....
 He looks innocent huh?
Don't let it fool you,
this guy is only about 18 inches high, yet can jump over a 5 foot fence from a stand...
No running jumps needed here!
We have attached chicken wire on all the corners of the pen, on top of the hay feeder roof.....
Kirk even put a broken branch to keep him away from the fence,
Oh.....and every night so we can rest without worry, we have nailed wire in the opening of his house so we can lock him in at night knowing he will be safe and secure. 
Goats are smart!
You can't turn your back on them.....EVER!
Which is why Victoria earned the "Goat Mama" award.
It takes a good shepherd to help keep track of what a goat is up to.
And this is only one little guy....I haven't even mentioned the other two that we have

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