Wednesday, May 24, 2017


 We woke up to this!
It was a beautiful white contrast to the Spring green!
 Many trees broke from the weight of the snow. With the trees flowing with sap it just makes it too heavy causing branches to crack.
At about 4 in the morning we heard a huge crack that continues for the next hour. This poor beautiful tree behind the barn cracked and fell to the ground. So sad.
 I was attempting to walk under the tree to inspect the tree that broke but decided not to. It was pouring rain under the tree from all the snow melting very quickly.
 It sounded fantastic!
 Sven was all puffed up to keep warm.
His first experience with snow. 
 Our tomato plants stayed all nice and toasty warm in their wall of waters. 
They are like little mini greenhouses. The lettuce, being cold hardy is 
completely covered by snow and wasn't harmed in anyway.
The tomatoes did well but who knows if the fruit trees will have any fruit this year. 
The cherry tree had blossoms until the snow. 

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