Saturday, March 6, 2010


Victoria has been enrolled in an 8 week class and has loved every minute of it. She loves her teacher and has picked up some graceful moves for her to practice on the wood floor at home.
Anyway, it was her last class. And the families were allowed in to watch what the little girls have been learning this past two months. Even though Daphne and I have been watching through the window all along. So Victoria invited her big brothers and her Daddy to come. She was very excited and was making sure that she performed at her best in front of them. I love this picture...she looks so serious.

Okay...I love this picture too! I tried to get her facing us but it didn't quite happen. Victoria does whatever she puts her mind to. I admire that in her little five year old body. She has a confidence that is unique.

She has been stretching extra at home. She is determined to "do the splits". She has always come close, even when she was a little baby sitting on the floor with her toys. It used to freak the boys out. They felt it was un-natural to play on the floor in the splits position. My freckly girl! You're beautiful...and crazy... Her little class. It was amazeing to see some of the girls gain coordination in such a short amount of time. We are hoping the community center offers another session. She may get another opportunity to do some more.


Katherine said...

Oh Pam, what a cutie. I love the one where she is not facing you, her cute little pink, ballerina bottom. I just adore the pictures of your family. I am so grateful that I get to see all of the wonderful things your children are doing and watch them grow up. What a blessing to have you back in my life after all of these years. I love you Pam.

Carol said...

The pictures are adorable and so sweet. It reminds me of Kathy in her ballarina class. Victoria is adorable and I agree with what Kathy says, it is a blessing to have you and your family back in our lives and isn't it wonderful to have a blog...I love it! May I take a couple of the pics for my blog? It is funny what the boys thought of her splits while playing.