Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time for Hiking

We have entered the more beautiful times to live in the desert. Spring makes everything pretty. Even dry places. The hills around our house are especially green right now due to all of the rain we have had. The pictures don't really show how green they are so you will have to believe me if you don't believe that the desert can be green. We found a new trail to hike right by our house. It always amazes me that you can take two steps out of the neighborhood and enter a peaceful place to get away from it all. Don't fall into this. The spines may look like they are curved down but they still poke. Another washed out picture. I think I needed a different setting. The zip off jeans. Kaleb style. He was hot. Daphne is always way behind us just poking along. She never complains or says she is tired. She just keeps plugging along. She pokes mostly due to depth perception issues with her eyes. I admire her that she just does it without complaining about it. Daphne has an innocence to her that others her age don't have. I hope she keeps it. It is sweet. The ocotillo cactus are green as green can be. It still amazes me how God created even desert plants to show that Spring is in the air. Kaleb, Daphne and I took a short cut down a ravine and up the other side to surprise the other three by getting ahead of them on the trail. We were hiding and then realized that we were watching the wrong trail. Oops. We accidently startled a mountain biker who wasn't expecting to see three people hiding in the bushes. We got to the right trail without them seeing and did manage to startle Jared and Henry. Of course then Jared took every opportunity to try to do the same to us. He did succeed once. It feels so good to get out and do a good hike before dinner.


Carol said...

These are beautiful pictures and you have written such informative things about Arizona. Love you

lii.cavassana said...

THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL ! ur blog is awesome ! congrats :)

Katherine said...

Does Henry have a strap around his mussel? That is funny about scaring the wrong hiker. I love discovering new places to explore close to home.