Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miss Monkey

I was looking for a monkey craft for Victoria to make this week for the letter "M" and came across this adorable FREE monkey pattern. I was so inspired, that Daphne and I immediately started digging through all of my scrap fabric to see if I had enough supplies to whip out (as Victoria calls it) this monkey. I was actually surprised that the further I dug the more cute fabrics I found. We even found the little plastic beads you put in beanie babies. It only took a few hours to sew, stuff and hug. It was such a refreshing reward to start off my week with. Especially because this project was started at 3 p.m. I hate finding something cool to work on that late in the day. It always cuts into dinner and the winding down of the day. I managed to eek out some spare moments while making dinner here and there. So needless to say, Victoria and I haven't really been able to work on "M for monkey" this week yet due to a flu bug that has caused her to lose 5 pounds on her already slim frame. So we are mostly working on eating and not losing it on the kitchen table like she did with her Daddy the other day. If you are interested in this absolutly free pattern of this adorable monkey just look here.

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Katherine said...

I wish that we lived near each other when my children were your children's ages and they were the same ages. You and I are a lot alike. But you do everything 10 notches better than I did, I really admire the work, time and effort you put into everything you do. I wanted to do everything you do, but I gave it a try, didn't have the dedication you have. That monkey is adorable. When I visit you I want to see all of these things up close and in person.