Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It is absolutely beautiful outside. This past week it has been in the high 70's. Kirk was out restaining the play structure after sanding it weeks ago so it was time to clean off the patio and sort through all the "stuff" that has accumulated here and there. This little wagon was given to Daphne for her very first birthday 16 years ago. I don't have the heart to pass it on. I want to keep it. It is way too small for anyone in this household but I can't seem to part with it. So...I won't. I told Kirk that we are keeping it even if it discentigrates. I can still picture each of the kids in their baby hood toddling along in back of it pushing it or getting crazy rides from Daddy pushing it with them on it. It was one of their favorites. Mine too I guess.
I cleaned out the toy box and found that it was occupied. I tossed out about twenty rocks, a handfull of leaves, about 8 sticks, two handfuls of chalk and a bunch of recycled containers for the sand box. It feels good to gleen. Jared's favorite thing to do in life. Usually he is swinging standing on the tire with both hands in his pocket. It drives me nuts that he always has his hands in his pockets. But then Friday when we were ice skating I saw about 4 men who were ice skating with their hands in their pockets. I rest my case. Anyway, I did notice that someone had stuck Victoria's black stuffed dog inside the tire. I hadn't noticed it until I just looked at the picture. That dog, dirty as it is, went to church with us today and even went to the front of the church with all of the other little kids to sing with Victoria's Sunday School class.

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Katherine said...

Jared is getting so big and looking so much older, isn't fun watching them grow up?