Saturday, March 6, 2010

February Cooking Club

My best friend Kelly has been leading this group of giggly little girls every month cooking up something fun to eat. For Valentine's day they whipped up some strawberry shortcake with a yummy whip cream/pudding. It was really good and all of the girls loved it. Kelly is so good at thinking up some sort of edible craft/art project. It is her gift.
The girls had these cute dog pouches to put their valentine cards they made for eachother into. I remember almost ten years ago making this same project in our co-op with our older kids, Daphne, Jared, Aaron and Kylee. Kaleb was a tiny baby.

Busy cutting strawberries.

The finished masterpiece.

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Katherine said...

Is this a home school group? Victoria isn't looking so little anymore. Sad.