Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crazy Saturday!

We started out our day with Daphne getting up at 5 a.m. to make it to Farmer's Market to sell tye dyed and silk screened t-shirts with her friends Susanna and Emily. She also plays her violin for a couple hours...and made $52. Not bad. Victoria helped make potatoe salad by chopping up all of the potatoes with this chopper thing that my cousin's wife Mary Kaye had at our last visit. The kids have a great time using it. Victoria is extremely capable when it comes to the kitchen. She is very confident in stirring and cutting and pouring...rarely making a mess. Though she did freak me out when she said she cut the potatoes in half to use the chopper. I made her show me how she did it to make sure that she was using the knife properly. She was. I guess no worries there...NOT! A five year old with a knife can still be a little worrisome. Anytime I am at the counter preparing any food item, this is where Sammy is. Either sitting on my feet or right in between both my feet. He not only wants to be with me but he is also very hopeful in catching some morsel of food that might perhaps fall his way. Key word is hopeful. With Daphne at Farmer's Market and Jared...still in bed, Kirk and I took Kaleb and Victoria to an egg hunt at one of the community churches near by. It was more like a massive egg sweep. Kaleb didn't want to be caught with a basket at the old age of he wore a fishing vest to stuff eggs into. It worked and he didn't feel wierd. Whatever works. Victoria is inspecting her find. Kaleb with one pocket full of eggs.
Hey what is that? All of Kalebs jeans have massive holes in them except one pair that he wears to church. I was told that Jared drew a happy face through the hole in his jean...with permanent marker. Atleast it isn't on his forehead. Kaleb and Victoria had a pretty good time. Plus they got all of our attention which doesn't always happen with the big kids around. After the egg hunt we went back home to frost cupcakes. Victoria put all of the bunny faces on. She is very helpful in the kitchen. Some times a little too helpful. This little monkey I sewed for Hannah and forgot to take a picture of it. It makes me think of her with her blond hair and pretty smile. Daphne got home around 2. Just in time to dye eggs. I am glad that everyone likes this part. They are always thinking up new creations. We did put one egg in every color thinking it would turn a horrible brown color but it actually didn't. The blue was too vibrant to get muddy looking. Daphne waiting patiently for the pink. I love this part of Easter. Smelling vinegar makes me think of dying Easter eggs. These tea cups only come out for egg dying. The dishes that belong to them are long gone many years ago but the cups are neatly stacked in the back of a corner cabinet. Of course Kirk had to actually ask where we keep them. They have been in the exact same spot for 16 years now. The day we move out of here will be the day that he remembers where we keep the egg dying cups. And I...will probably roll my eyes. Somebody was supposed to count how many eggs that Victoria got her little hands on. She dyed way beyond her share. Oops.
I love this one that Victoria drew. It looks like a vewy scawy runny babbit. Wun bunny, wun.

Jared dyed this really cool one. Usually he just kind of dunks one or two and is done. This time he actually thought up a couple cool ideas. He dyed it first orange, wrapped it in rubber bands and then dunked it in the blue.
After egg dying we managed to get Victoria to nap for an hour before running off to Hannah's Baptism at their mega church Christ Church of the Valley. When we pulled in the parking lot was so huge that Kirk was wondering if we had to pay for parking. Then we parked way out in the boon doggies and it was like we had parked at Disneyland where they had Disney characters posted on the light post so you could find your car when you come wandering out and can't remember what direction you parked. I jokingly said we parked in the Pinnochio section when Daphne looked over and saw a "D" on the light post. I rest my case.
Hannah was one of about 75 people being baptized. She was baptized by her Mom and Dad. My dear friend Kelly and Mike. It was a beautiful occasion. It really makes you renew your own acceptance of Jesus Christ and that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that we receive when we are baptized. Just think of what you can do if you let go and let God take over your life. We all have the power to do God's work at our own finger tips. It was incredible for me because I saw Hannah literally be born and come into this world almost 8 years ago and then I got to witness once again, Hannah be born again as a Christian. God has great things planned for her. I hope I get to witness that too.
Here is the whole group. Hannah is the youngest with Kylee who is 20 with her boyfriend Mitch and then her 17 year old brother Aaron and girlfriend Melissa. Kelly's parents came too and of course our family. I was taking the picture.
We met at the park for pizza and pasta salad afterwards. The kids had fun playing in the dark. It was a beautiful night. Kelly and I rarely get to just sit and visit between both of us homeschooling and working. Those moments are hard to come by. These three have a special relationship together. They have alll been together since birth. We met the Lowe's when Kaleb was just 5 months old. So he looks to Kelly as family. They don't know any different. They have just always been in our life. Kaleb is like the big brother of the two girls. It's sweet. He's the tame one, especially because Victoria and Hannah can be pretty wild at times. I enjoyed sewing that monkey for Hannah. She has always reminded me of a little monkey at times. I prayed for her while I was sewing it and thanking God for all of her qualities. Especially for her and Victoria's relationship. They love eachother. I love watching our lives unfold knowing that God already had it all planned out. Being with good friends finished off a wonderful day. I couldn't have asked for a better day. We made it home in time to shower and everyone get to bed for Easter services in the morning.

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Katherine said...

What a beautiful day. I love your pictures, you always capture great moments; Sammy at your feet, but also the cute little toes beside you, the smiley face, baptism, fishing vest "basket" (Kaleb reminds me of Wind at that age), the wonderful eggs.