Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oranges Galore

Our orange and grapefruit trees are completely covered in blossoms. Every square inch of space has atleast 10 blossoms on it. Once you open the back door, the scent of citrus fills the air. It smells so good. Every year half way through the season we have to remove almost half the fruit from the tree before it even ripens because there is so much fruit. I was standing inbetween the two trees and heard a loud buzzing. Both trees were covered with bees doing their job of pollinating. It was really neat. Of course with the bees and blossoms come sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes. It is still worth it though.
Grandpa Jay is missing out on the grapefruits this year. They are huge and awesome. I was never a grapefruit eater until we moved in here 16 years ago. All the kids love them too. Which is good because we have gleaned over 20 bags off the tree and still have about 20 grapefruits still on the tree.

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Katherine said...

How pretty and lucky to enjoy such a sight and wonderful fruit. I wish I could have some, I guess I will just have to come for a visit during picking time.