Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wild Goose Chase!

This morning at 4:22 a.m. while it was still pitch dark and Kirk and I were sleeping soundly. We awoke out of a dead sleep from Ben "screaming" in the backyard. Our window was open so we heard this most disturbing scream loud and clear. We were out the back door in a split second to find him no where. We checked everywhere with flashlights. All possible places aside from his tunnel. He was absolutely no where. We began to think the horrible. We had recently saw a dog jump our 8 ft wall with ease. It was either a coyote or one of the owls that live near Shadow Mountain just behind our house. After searching for the poor guy and thinking horrible things had happened to him Kirk took off up the mountain thinking that if it were an owl he might have dropped him. I started searching around the house and in the front yard. We just couldn't possibly see how an owl actually be able to pick him up and carry him. He is a big full-size bunny. The size of a cat. That bird would have to work at it to maneuver around the trees and the play structure to get any lift carrying a large animal. And our yard is deep because we live below the people in back of us so the rabbits have always been a little more protected in our yard. It would take alot for a large bird to swoop in and carry off a full size bunny. We met back at the house and looked again all over the yard. I was praying for God to show me where he was. I thought about the tree that the owls hang out in so we headed up there again looking all along the way hoping that he would have been dropped and that he probably was already dead and that we would just bring him home to bury him. I couldn't get his screaming out of my head. Then....Daphne called Kirk on his cell phone to say that Sammy was whining where Ben had been hiding. He had squeezed himself into this tiny spot inback of the hose with his nose in the corner and was scared. The poor guy was a little shook up but didn't seem to have anything wrong with him. So I just decided to hold him until the sun came up before putting him back out in the yard. About 6 a.m. Kirk and I let him go up on his ledge where he hangs out. It is amazeing what you see in the daylight. We were able to put two and two together with evidence. The little bugger got into our vegetable garden and had tried to jump over the chicken wire only to lose some fur and we think he got his foot caught in one of the holes in the wire. That is probably what made him scream. So Benjamin Bunny was a busy little bunny and remains unmarred by his morning escapade. Kirk and I got in our walk up the hill twice in one morning. Daphne was wide awake this morning and made it to take care of the horses where she volunteers "on time". And Sammy did what hounds do best. He caught a whiff and sniffed out Ben and then stood there whining until someone came to his call. Now here's the cool part in all of this. We love Ben, he is a beloved bunny, I was praying for Ben when I went in the house to turn off our alarm clock that had accidently been knocked to the buzzer. When I turned it to the music where it should have been the only words that I heard in the song was " Have faith in God". When we were searching up the hill I was asking God to show me where he is so I can just bring him home whether he was alive or not, when the phone rang and it was Daphne saying that she found him. And after we all had a good snicker at our early morning "wild bunny chase", I was blow drying my hair with the radio on...of course. I was thanking God for showing us where he was and that he didn't get carried off by some hungry owl. I turned off the hair dryer and immediately heard "he will lift you up on eagle's wings" on the radio! God has a really funny sense of humor!!!


Carol said...

That is awesome that you figured out what had happened. What a way to wake up.

Katherine said...

Crazy morning with Benjamin Bunny (cute name). Pets, they keep life interesting and hopping!

Katherine said...
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