Monday, April 5, 2010

Kirk in the Box!

Does this ring a bell? Ahhh, the sweet sounds of Algebra...or should I say the wails of Algebra...the somber sounds of sobbing...the panic? Jared got stuck last week. No matter how many times we reviewed he just had a mental block on this particular problem. I was doing my best to guide him through it as best as I can. I am not a math person but I understand it in a way that makes sense. The kids usually understand it quite well when I explain it. They aren't math people either. Now Kirk on the other hand is a math geek! A real Einstein. Sometimes I have to call out the "big guns" and ask for his help. Daphne and Jared have learned to buckle up for a wild ride when Dad comes out to help with a math problem.
And this is what I want him to sit in when he starts explaining math to us normal non-math people. Anyone who knows Kirk automatically knows just how far "out of the box" he really is. He needs to just sit in the box for a couple minutes so that we understand him...atleast for a couple minutes. Heck...I would like for him to just sit in the box for just 15 minutes a day so that I can have a normal conversation with my husband. I just might get him one for his birthday. What a great idea! Kirk's Box.


Carol said...

I say...get him one.

Katherine said...

That is funny about Kirk in the box. I love the visual. I came to enjoy algebra when I had to teach the kids.