Friday, December 2, 2011

O Come All Ye Wakeful

O Come All Ye Wakeful
sing to:  O Come All Ye Faithful

O come all ye wakeful
Find a nice location
A warm knee, a settee
Relax in the sun
Sleep on your sweater
Though your coat is better

Refrain:  O let us yawn and snore some
Keeping one eye open
O let us yawn and snore some
Ou-r reward

O come and be gracious
Your bed is so spacious
O choose well and snooze well
And don't make a fuss
Sofa and armchair
Cover them with shed hair


O sleep where you're able
Bookshelf or a table
A good nap on broad lap
Will serve just as well
Life has such meaning
Paws in air and dreaming

They look all cozy and cute with their little eyes tightly shut.
All cuddled together.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Very clever. Who wrote that up? Cats are fun pets. Yours are ALWAYS on that bed. Where did they sleep when the beds were taken down?