Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I has been years since I have actually looked forward to the
Christmas Season.
Our situation in Phoenix was so depressing
it felt hopeless.
Our house was cramped.
And the thought of "decorating"
would make my skin crawl.
This year, we should be hopeless in our situation
I am so excited about Christmas.
We managed to scrounge up enough money for one gift
for each of our children.
You would think the kids would be depressed over that....
only getting one gift for Christmas.
Not our children.
They are happy to be living in our new home.
 Christmas is exciting this year.
I didn't have the heart to throw out the little pumpkins that
Kathy grew in her garden......and I had to throw out my candles before we moved.
They would have melted just loading them into the moving truck.
So I painted them white, sprinkled a little glitter and plopped them
on top of my candle holders.
I love candles and the light they give off.
I am so excited to have window sills.
The cats and I.
We have lived without window sills for 17 years.
You really don't think about how much you would miss a window sill until
you don't have one.
Well, Christmas is quickly approaching.
The kids did get to do some shopping for eachother because
their Nana and Poppa sent them money
to shop for them.
But really, this year?
We see God's hand in everything we do,
in everything that happens.
He has planted us in a place where we will grow
in our Faith,
have Peace and Joy
continue to Love and be Loved.
To think that Jesus came
as a sweet little baby, with sweet baby smells
to save all of us.

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Katherine said...

I want to take photos like yours. I love the pictures and of course those little white pumpkins are adorable.