Friday, December 2, 2011

A Visit from the Darts

We had our first Phoenix visitors
The Dart Family.
It was so good to see them.  It felt surreal that they were in our new home and in our new town.
Rachelle and Jared took Victoria and Kaleb to the park.
While they were there they came upon this piece of ice in the shape of a heart.
Jared told me about it the next day.  Next thing I know he is standing in front of me, ears and nose reddened with freezing arms in a short sleeve t-shirt.
He had run over to the playground to retrieve it.
I am surprised that he found it. 
I felt it was quite appropriate that they discovered this heart.
It reflects our natural love for the Dart family.
We have a bond with them that will never be broken.
It was so thoughtful of them to drive up from Salt Lake City to see us.

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Katherine said...

That is amazing and fun. Your blog looks wonderful, great job....I don't know about the little jiggle that comes on, but right now I am very tired and it's a little more stimulation then I can handle specially after sitting in a house 2 hrs with every possible singing, dancing and blinking snowman or Santa there ever was made.