Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Book and Craft

The Biggest Best Snowman
by Margery Cuyler
is a cute story about a little girl who is told that she is too small
to do just about anything. 
That is until her and her little forest friends
build an enormous snowman and
show her mom and her funky dressed sisters what they did.
I hated it when I was a kid and I was told, you can't do that,
you're too little.
I think that is probably why I have always let my kids try things
and use scissors when they were two.
(They never cut themselves by the way)
If I have to make a decision that really is because one of the
kids is too young or small, I try to think up some other reason
so I don't have to shatter their dream because
they are too little to do it.
 This idea for the snowman started with a mini pringles can that Victoria had.
We were both looking at the can as to what
we could make out of it.
And then I cut these wierd leg ties off the dog sweater and instantly
saw a snowman scarf.
Victoria is liking that she can use the cool temp glue gun
if she is careful.
 My baby isn't a baby anymore.

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Katherine said...

Awesome, awesome! Victoria is cute too.