Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

 I know that Christmas is so much more about the birth of Christ.
I can't not think about Christmas and Cookies
all in the same thought.
The birth of our Savior and
Sugar Cookies.
They are both sweet and save me from life's predicaments.
 Well, we have spent our first Christmas in our new home,
with our new church
and the same traditions.
But the traditions have been so much more fun with
crisp temperatures, snow on the ground, new surroundings
and a new outlook on life.
 My friend Kelly had done this with her daughter and sounded like a great idea.
So we had to make one too.
I wasn't sure if Victoria's foot was going to actually fit on a dinner plate
but it did.  She kept asking me
"you want me to step on the plate.......with paint?"
It turned out adorable.
Long ago we started decorating gingerbread men on Christmas Eve.
We have all looked forward to it......that is if I correctly planned ahead.
Though I do make a few stipulations.
1. Don't squeeze the icing out the top of the bag and make it all goopy.
That drives me insane and will make me into a "wicked Mommy".
2. Don't hog the icing.  I'm not making more so you have to share.
3.  Don't decorate more than your share of cookies.
I know I sound pretty bad.
Don't do this, don't do that.
BUT, there is so much laughter that goes on at the table
I don't think anyone actually hears that.
They are probably just saying
Alright Already, let me at it!

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