Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 17th!

This fun loving, robust little baby is now 17!
He still gets energetic at 10 pm, making him a night owl,
those were the very red socks that tainted an entire load of white clothes.
I can still count on him helping and being responsible,
though he doesn't carry around a sippy cup full of milk 
and wear only a diaper and a tank top.
We always knew that he would need a trip to the emergency room before his third birthday....and then once again before his fourth. We waited 5 hours for the plastic surgeon to stitch 13 stitches into his upper lip. And then another 7 in his chin.
He still enjoys a good hike.
He loves to hike out front. I think it is more that he doesn't have any
patience to hike behind the rest of us.
I love my boy.
I never knew what it would be like to be looking up to my little boy.
 This is living proof that Jared really was once shorter than Daphne.
A handsome guy with a huge smile.
Happy Birthday Jared!
Our friends the Summits put together a fantastic surprise party for Jared.
The teens from Star Academy (our homeschool co-op) had a great time. 
The kids really enjoy being together.
Even Victoria got a chance to hang out with her friends that night.

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