Saturday, February 16, 2013

Klondike 2013

The boys just came home from their overnight trip sleeping in a snow shelter that they constructed last weekend.  Better them than me.  I seriously don't think I could sleep wedged in a tunnel of snow. Jared said that the opening of his structure was just a little bit bigger than his back pack!
I guess you actually want it to wedge in there to block the cold.
This year they had beautiful sunshine all day as opposed to the blizzard that they experienced last year.  This troop is a great group of boys and an incredible group of men.
I never worried about the boys. I knew they were in good hands if anything should arise. They have aclimated to the colder temps. It got down to 8 degrees last night with a high of 30 degrees today.
I'm proud of them. They would have never had an experience like this if we hadn't moved up here.  And the place they camped was only 30 min into Logan Canyon.
We love it here!

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