Friday, February 15, 2013


Victoria's homeschool class that she attends once a month at Stokes Nature Center went snow shoeing this month.  We both had never done it before so we were looking forward to it for the past few weeks.  I have always seen nature studies that you can do where they just tell you to go out in the wild and look for animal tracks and observe nature in the winter.  I have always loved the idea but wasn't too successful.  So I was hoping that we would actually see some tracks.  We have lots of deer tracks around our house but that is about it.
Well, we saw....mouse, moose, elk, deer, rabbit, ermin and evidence that a beaver had crawled out of the river and walked around on the bank as well as a couple trees that it had gnawed down.
We were very pleased with our outing.
The kids went on a scavanger hunt to find a red stick, a brown stick, a leaf, a piece of grass and a berry. They also played a camouflage game that they have played previously. Victoria's hat came in handy for hiding.
Needless to say, we both loved snowshoeing.  It was much easier than anything we could imagine. It was hysterical to watch the kids run in them.....arms, legs and snow flying.
It is first on our list to obtain snowshoes. It would be an awesome way to just get out in the crisp cold air and breathe in winter.

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