Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Canyoneering Trip

Well, the boys are packed for their trip. Jared has tried his hardest to lighten his backpack to under 25 pounds. He can easily be a minimalist so it shouldn't be hard for him to do. He weighed his pack and it weighed 25 pounds. You should have seen the look on his face. He thought for sure that it would have been at the most 23 pounds.
Next up, Kaleb. Jared came up the stairs claiming that Kaleb was packing the kitchen sink in his backpack. He sat on the stool with a smile on his face while Kaleb weighed his pack...24 pounds!
Now you really should have seen the look on Jared's face!
He concluded that since Kaleb is SOOOO skinny, he has smaller clothing. Even though they wear the same size shirt.
 My tough chickie decided to check out Kaleb's pack. It was kind of funny watching her try to walk around with 24 pounds on her back. Her legs were like lead weights with each step.

 Some mom's pack their sons packs and make their sack dinner for them.  I don't. Nope. If you have a son, you aren't doing them any favors by doing things for them. Plus...I think they made a pretty awesome looking sandwich. They did say that it tasted pretty good too. was huge. I had bought a loaf of french bread which they proceeded to cut the rounded edges off and made two huge sandwiches out of it. Pretty impressive. Not just a wimpy sandwich. This was a Man Sandwich with lots of turkey, peppers and hot mustard. Along with all the veges that a mother encourages. I think I saw cucumber and tomatoe.
Yep, they're ready. I wish I were going.

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