Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crimson Trail

I think my favorite thing about where we live is the hiking opportunities that are literally 5 minutes from our house. Okay, well maybe 10 min. I might be exaggerating. And it might be the seasons....it's so hard to decide. I'm not an indecisive person, there is just so many things to choose from, I can't decide. Each season brings something new.
 My other very favorite thing in the whole world is hiking next to water. I miss living next to the ocean so being able to be near moving water is so appealing and replenishing to me. Just the sound alone takes me out of stress and puts me in a place where I can handle just about anything. Well, some things. Whining really gets under my skin.
I am always so amazed at how healthy the lichen and mosses are here. And the variety of wild flowers is just amazing.  I have observed a pretty standard method of hiking with the kids. First of all, Kirk was already working in Texas so he wasn't with us. But it is almost the same each time. The boys in the front with the dogs....Sammy kept high tailing it down the side of the mountain after who knows what. So he was on the leash. Victoria running up ahead with the boys then resting until Daphne and I catch up with her. Then she would run up ahead once again. Her method is completly ineffective for preserving energy but she likes it that way. She's young, so she can climb up hill and chatter and not be out of breath like me if I were to do that. I am usually way behind with Daphne who has an incredible lack of depth perception. She just plugs away at it taking it at her pace which can drive me nuts at time. Alot of times, we hold hands to give her more secure footing and to quicken her pace...just a little. Plus it gives me time to take in the beautiful scenery and take pictures which I love to do. I would like to take better ones.....some day.The boys are patient with us, thankfully. Though I will ask them if they say this...or that...and NO, they hadn't seen a bit of it. I will stop them and make them come back to me to show them something that God has created in all his awesomeness. They say, Oh yeah, and then walk on. Someday I think they will appreciate the beauty in nature. They love being outside and the freedom of the trail as opposed to observing the details along the way.
 I tease Daphne about being last. She doesn't care, she is enjoying every step. She likes it in the back where it is quiet. Since the time she was just a little girl, she has always walked just behind me so she can follow and know where I am. I think now it is habit and easier for her to visually keep an eye on the family.
My boys, up ahead, with a tight rein on the doggies. Hmmm. I wonder why. Sometimes I think that the dogs...don't think. One would be crazy enough to fall off the edge and the other one would be dumb enough to follow. But we still love them with all our hearts!
 Not all of the wildflowers in early June had bloomed. I loved to see the stages that they were all in.
If you aren't familiar with the Crimson Trail it is high. The climb is steep with switch backs and then you hike along the China Wall in Logan Canyon. Victoria was claiming to say that she was scared. It was high, but the trail was wide. I had a hard time believing that she was scared as she is swinging this sunflower around and singing a made up song. Hmm. I didn't buy it but loved on her and encouraged her to calm her fears.She had enough and ran up ahead along this trail that she supposedly was scared on until she reached the boys and then cut in front of them so she was first on the trail.  As we were coming down, which I really think was harder than going up, some college girls were catching their breath under an enormous tree. The boys had already passed them, we could hear Henry whining like a girlie dog wanting to meet and greet them. They asked me if it got easier and was it worth it. I turned toward Victoria who is only 8 years old and looked back at them. Yes, it is worth it, and you can make it. It is beautiful up there. Just enjoy the journey.

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