Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rock Climbing

Mid June, both the boys were preparing for a big trip to Leeds, Utah for a Canyoneering trip. They practiced in Logan Canyon for this. I got to watch....and take pictures. I was nervous at first for them but was excited for them at the same time. Two of the parents, a husband and wife team, led the boys. They go canyoneering all the time through out the year so they are quite experienced and bless the troop with their expertise.
 Jared was actually the first one down and followed the instructions to a "T". I get so proud of my boys when I see them do really cool things like this. They are growing into wonderful young men with a range of experiences.
 A look of satisfaction. Is it just me or is he handsome.....
 Kaleb really impressed me.  He has always been really cautious. You should see him with a knife. The funny thing about Kaleb is he is always so careful to not make a mistake and very cautious. Always the first one to pipe up with an instruction on how not to hurt yourself. He was very excited about this and was willing to take the risk rapelling down this cliff! I think because he is so cautious, he feels secure in knowing what he knows. It doesn't keep him from actually doing it in this case. I am really proud of him for sucking it up and doing it. They had extra safety lines that are required by the BSA anyway. So he was pretty secure up there.
 I got a lot of pictures of behinds. It is a little hard to get a picture otherwise. I would have had to be up there with them to get a better one......but I was not about to do that.
 Thumbs up and a big smile!
Out of all 6 boys going on this trip, 4 of them homeschool and attend Star Academy co-op with us. They should have a great time on this upcoming trip. They have done a good job preparing for it.

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