Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just the Girls

 While Kirk was gone working for 3 weeks in Texas, and the boys were in southern Utah camping with the Venture Crew, the girls and I had to hold down hatches at home. Our Saturday was exhausting. We started with selling at Farmer's Market. It was actually cold that morning, Daphne is wearing her jean jacket. But it felt refreshing. I have enjoyed my time with the girls doing this. Victoria has done a wonderful job of helping set up and even selling some shirts all on her own. She even told a lady the entire process of tie-dying. I was impressed. The lady was as well.
Daphne is my photographic memory. When I can't remember what color we used on which shirt, she will always remember. I rely on her's like an elephants. I need that.
After selling at Farmer's market, we were off to water the garden. As we approached the canal there was this mother duck sitting up on the edge watching her babies diving. It was kind of funny to watch her. I thought of myself, when I stand back after giving my kids instruction, and just watch how they do. I think as a mother, there is a lot of instructing, listening and watching. This duck was doing it naturally.
 Of course we got too close.
 Daphne took these awesome pictures of this mother in mid-flight.
 Her babies weren't threatened by us but she made it known that she was watching them for their protection. The babies continued to dive. It was so cute watching their little feet fly up in the air as they tried to dunk themselves as deep as they could get.
 At this point, our garden didn't look very lush. Now it is completely in and flourishing. We have been eating lettuce, broccoli, and squash for weeks.
We were exhausted by the time we got home. It made for a really long day but well worth it. I knew that Kirk and the boys took care of quite a bit so I knew that I would miss them when they weren't there. Oh, did I mention that we pick up Kirk tonight?  I can't wait to hear about their trips.

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