Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All in one Day

Daisy is Nana and Poppa's new puppy. She is chihuahua, jack Russel terrier and we are pretty sure Papillon too because she has the little butterfly ears.
Victoria and I were helping Nana cut grass out for a new flower bed and Daisy was under foot finding all kinds of things to do.
 Watching Victoria throw chunks of sod into the trailer was like watching her ice skate.
With each toss she flung her leg out like a waltz jump.
 It seems like every day we work from sun up to sun down. For the past 8 weeks we have spent hours on end reinforcing goat fencing. I think we have the Evil Elf completely contained only to have Mr. Peabody....Jacks, to push his way through the fencing to the neighbors weeds. I guess theirs look tastier than ours. 
Now we are working hard on the garden. Year after year we try to support our tomatoes only to have them fall over due to the weight no matter what contraption we use to hold them up.
This year we have ....wait, I showed Kirk a picture of structure to hold tomatoes and he built this awesome tomatoe trellis. I found these awesome clips on Amazon and bought 6,500 ft of tomatoe string pretty cheap on Amazon too. Kirk and I were stringing them up last night only to have a little helper try to take off with our twine. Sometimes our lives are taking a step forward only to take two back. It's a good thing we aren't quitters.
 Lightening was sure that he could walk off with the twine. We had to work at it to get it back. He is really quick for a little cat.
 I love that when ever we are out in the yard our little helpers come out of who knows where to see what is up. No sooner did we get Lightening down from sabotaging our efforts, Thunder appeared and was trying to think up what she could get into.
 When Lightening wants to cuddle and be pet by you he wants it when he wants it. He doesn't care if you are busy doing something.
 Isn't this beautiful?
I really think this is going to work this time.
 This is why there isn't any food in the house ever! It's because of him.....or him!!!
Last I looked he had the cereal box.
Which I am sure is officially empty now.
 Thunder loves to accept the next challenge...even if it's walking on the water irrigation pipe...or maybe it's to keep her feet from getting wet.

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