Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Checking Bees

 I'm really proud of the boys that they have taken on raising bees. They have really become proficient in reading the frames. Their hive has doubled in size since they started 5 weeks ago.
Each week they garb up in rain pants, long gloves and beekeeper hats to inspect the hive and replenish their sugar water supply which they will do until they put on the super to make honey.
It is amazing to see the frames fill up with honey, larva, or pollen.
They don't call them Busy Bees for nothing.
 Thunder decided to lay under the hive while the boys inspected the hive.
Unfortunately she caught a bee and it stung her in the mouth....dummy.
She ran around in circles and then laid under the tree to cool off.
 Lightening thought it would be awesome to pounce his sister in the cool tall grass.....
 These kittens are so sweet.
They are always ready for lovin'....even with muddy feet!

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