Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Basement.......

I have to admit....that many years ago....maybe like 5 or more years ago...I might not have ever wanted to live in a house like we are now. I am not sure if I would or not.
The walls are overwhelming.
Occasionally, when I come up from the basement carrying something, I will accidentally knock the plaster and a chunk will just fall off the wall, shattering at my feet.
I am constantly vacuuming the walls and the floor to catch loose pieces. 
 I have decided to tackle the walls in the stairwell to the basement.
Doesn't the weird linoleum look amazing?
 I caught Thunder (the cat) hanging out of the wall next to the pipe.
We had to reach up in there and make her let go. She wanted so bad to climb up in the wall.
Hmmmm.....not a good thing.
 I know what you are thinking.....
you wish you had stairs like this....
and walls like that.....
 It's funny, I walk into friends or neighbor's houses and just admire their walls.
I notice that I look a little more closely at walls for plastering technique.
I pay attention to molding or baseboards too.
Right now I am inspecting stairs everywhere I go to get ideas.
I kind of like plastering. I'll have to let you know how it turns out.

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