Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Celebrating Summer

Our first long hike of summer was up 8 miles behind Mantua.
There was still snow on the ground in May. 
Hard to believe now that the temps have reached 90 as of yesterday. 
We were dog sitting Jaxx, the cocker spaniel. 
 It felt good to up in elevation. First it was chilly, then it was hot, 
then we would get into the shade of the forest and then we were cold again. It was awesome!
 Kirk is looking somewhat of a mountain man.
He still has as much hair on top of his head as he does on his face.
 Lunch break.
The boys claimed that they forgot to pack their pringles so they could eat ours and theirs.
They had it stashed behind Kirk for a while until we heard their guilt scratching in the can and crunching.
The really cool thing that I cherish deeply is that we still love being together as a family.
That right there is priceless.

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