Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Skatefest June 9

Victoria competed in Skatefest in the West Valley
We all got up and were out the door at 6 am for a 9 am practice session.
She skated a number to Wunderkind from Narnia and 
won First Place in Free Skate 1.
All of the pictures were during her practice session.
We decided earlier to not get distracted during her performance with trying to get pictures.
It brought tears to my eyes thinking about how far she has come.
A long way from when she was 4 doing "polar bear" slides with her friend Hannah.
 She always looks so calm even though she claims she is really nervous.
Her coach even changed part of her performance a few days earlier and she nailed it perfectly!
 We are going to miss Betz. She is moving to Montana!

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