Sunday, December 7, 2008

Native American Projects

Daphne created this cozy Nez Perce teepee of hand woven (burlap) fabric. Complete with a toasty fire on the porch. Daphne has always been interested in the Nez Perce (Nay Persay). She even has Kaya from American Girl dolls. This was a fun project that topped off a nice study of Native Americans.
Kaleb chose to design a long house made by the Iroquois on the East coast region of the United States. Though his little people appear to be of the Plains origin due to their adorned feathers. Could it be an invasion? ...I am not really sure if I would want to live in this particular long house. It looks a little drafty. All in all he did a great job and learned that it is really hard to bend sticks into a arch shape. He had to be choosey and look for sapling like twigs.
Now, Jared chose to create an igloo replica of the Inuit tribe thinking that it would be the easiest and quickest way through a project that he really didn't care about doing. It took the other two crafters weeks of planning out what they wanted to do and Jared...well he just said "Mom can you get me a box of sugar cubes, I'm gonna just make an igloo". Do you know how hard it is to build an igloo with sugar cubes? Jared found out that he wasn't going to be done in the hour that he had planned. I just kept smiling as he fretted and fumed with burnt fingers from glue, and a structure that just was not resembling an igloo. He really thought it was going to be just like building with Legos. So after an additional math lesson from his Dad and some MORE instruction on shaping sugar cubes and guidance, he finally finished. Dad and I just smiled on completion day. Boy did he learn alot from building this easy little igloo that was only going to take him the shortest possible amount of time. I think he learned far more from this project than just constructing an "igloo".


Carol said...

You guys do such cool stuff. I love it......

Stephenson said...

Way to go Headley clan. You should have called me, I would have come and showed ya'll how to make frybread to represent the Navajo Nation. :) YUM.