Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

Best Buddies. All ready for Christmas Eve service at our new church.
Princess Daphne and Queen Victoria all ready too. Kaleb is in there somewhere in the back. See if you can find him. He and Victoria are singing with their Sunday School classes. I like seeing all the children dressed up in their red and black. Victoria insisted on singing with her practice music sheet. She said she needed it to read. She cracks me up. We have 3 shy children and then there is Victoria who wants to experience it all.For the prelude, Daphne and Kaleb played their violins. Kaleb played Silent Night beautifully with Daphne playing the harmony. And then Daphne quieted the entire congregation with her Celtic song Christmas Eve. We were really proud of them for being able to offer their music and talents on such a special occasion as our Lord's birth.

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Carol said...

I wish you had sound for that. I would have like to hear it. That is so great.