Sunday, December 13, 2009

Farmers Market

Daphne and her friends Susanna and Emily have joined forces and are selling tye-dyed, silk screened shirts at Farmer's Market on Sat. mornings. Susanna has mastered the fine art of tye dyeing. The "World" in the background is absolutely amazeing. She is very talented.
Daphne has hired Jared's help in screening shirts. They have quite a bit experience with their art teacher Larry for the past 5 years. So it works out perfect for them to help eachother. Of course they start this expedition in the evening. Our kitchen has been rearranged into a print shop, moving the table under the light and right in front of the refridgerator. No midnight snacks available once the print shop opens for business. The Print Shop aka Kitchen. The..."Tree". The horsey heart. There is a story that goes with this shirt. A little boy fell in love with this shirt so the mom bought it for him. I guess when you are around two color doesn't matter. This one is really cute. The alien is actually one of three in a row that she did on some other shirts together.

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Katherine said...

How fun. What a production. What talented children Pam. Your kitchen is cute too.