Sunday, December 13, 2009

State Chamionship Competition

The team made it down to ASU for the State Championships. The competition was pretty good. The boys were all prepared, had fun and just did the best that they could.These boys can function independently from the adults. They handled themselves very well. Here they are checking the battery level. In the morning hours they were pretty comical. There was much laughter between the rounds, the presentation and technical judging. By the late afternoon it looked like all of the kids were dropping like flies in the pit area. While the boys were waiting to do their skit they met Burger King in the hallway. The boys had a good relationship with this referee. He was at the regionals so they already knew him from the last Sat. Queen Victoria meets Burger King! Lunch break. The other boys went outside to play some football. They came back in a little muddy. I guess boys will be boys. Zach and Kaleb hung out and played Railroad Tycoon. I guess they released their energy by blowing up things on the computer. To each his own. That little thing hanging on the back was their crash dummy that was part of the requirement. It just hung on dangling. It was so noisy and over stimulating that Kaleb had to shut down for a few minutes. I managed to crochet a whole scarf yesterday. It was actually kind of nice to stay in one spot for a while. Our lives are so busy that I rarely have a moment to be in one spot for any length of time. The boys placed 6th in robot performance. Their top score was 320. They were in the top 4 for the final elimination round. They came so close. Either way we are really proud of them. This type of experience has really been a great learning experience. For the adults as well. Of course now they want to do it next year too. The next step is to add in using sensors. They could have scored higher with the judges if they had used sensors. So the fact that they scored as high as they did without sensors is amazeing. They did a great job.


Katherine said...

This is great, way to go Jared! Pam you are so beautiful sitting there crocheting. I knitted a scarf for Sundi for Christmas and just finished, I didn't do it in a day though. I don't know what the person sitting beside you Pam is doing but they really are working up a sweat. It looks like it was a long and exciting day.

Katherine said...

I did it again Kaleb. I said Jared instead of Kaleb. I am reading more of the post though and realizing that both Jared and Kaleb did this, so way to go to the both of you.