Sunday, December 13, 2009

Southwest Bricklines

First Lego League in Robotics presents the 1st place Championship team...Southwest Bricklines. The boys won 1st place in the Regional championship and a special award for Robot Performance. They achieved 290 points for a single round.The boys have been working since Aug. preparing for this competition. It is provided by Lego teaching kids from all over about engineering. The boys had a blast. Of course it's legos. There was so much more to it. The theme this year was Transportation. Our team chose air travel and the spread of germs during flight. It makes me not want to ever fly. I will spare you the gross details that they discovered. There was alot of research and team building involved. The boys worked really well together.
Kaleb and Zach were the youngest but were able to participate just as much as the older boys. Getting some coaching from Mr. Horak. Jared really enjoyed working with Mr. Horak. He worked with him quite a bit on the programming. Jared has learned alot this past fall. Daphne screened their shirts that Kaleb designed. It is a lego with plane wings. The boys are scopeing out their plan of attack. They have this same table set up at the Horak's house for training. The vinyl mat and all of the pieces are sent in a big box to be built. You should have seen all of their eyes when they received the box in the mail. You would have thought it was Christmas. Doing a practice run. The real deal. Gotta line it up perfectly or the whole mission won't go as planned. There were a bunch of missions to chose from with points for everything achieved. The team chose to run two missions that took the whole 2 1/2 minutes. It was a little intense. If the robot was off by a half a hair it would miss picking up the loops or knock down something it wasn't supposed to. This was a great move. Those two little stick things would fly down and do a karate chop on these rings to knock them down. Taking a breather between rounds. Ready to go! It was cold in the gym. Everyones hands are in their pockets. Waiting for their turn. Part of the Southwest Bricklines rooting section. It was a very long day. The boys had to be there at 7:30 am and we left around 5pm. We topped the day off with pizza. It was fun going to dinner with everyone. For some reason I can't get that picture to upload. Oh well. Zach, the CIA agent. Part of the competition is research and presentation of what you learned. So the boys put together a skit about a news reporter interviewing Jerry Burns of Southwest Airlines regarding the spread of sickness on airplanes. They did a great job. Afterwards, the judges question them as to how they came to all of their information. It is a very well rounded program. It isn't just about programming a robot.
The CIA taking down the Lego spy.

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I love the picture of your parents, they look so good. Your dad's smile looks just like my mother's. Hi Aunt Barb and Uncle Len. I love and miss you.