Sunday, December 13, 2009


Kirk has been painting backdrops for Mountain Valley Churchs Christmas Festival. He had all of this styrofoam leftover from the Desert Hills job so he cut out a bunch of snowflakes. Pretty cool huh? He looked like Gepetto out in the garage hunched over the foam as he was melting it away with the hot knife. He is happiest when he is creating art. God is really blessing us with the numerous jobs that are coming in. Dec. is usually one of the hardest months to get work in the past. Not when God is in control though. Things go so much smoother with God doing his thing. It is best to just get out of the way and just do what he says to do even if it is designing snowflakes for a festival. It makes people happy including my husband.

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Katherine said...

Kirk you are SO good. Those are great. I am so glad to hear of all the work you are getting, specially doing what you love most.