Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland Festival

Our friends' church, Mountain Valley, was having a Winter festival. Kirk painted backdrops for their rooms. They had several rooms with games, crafts, cookie decorating. That kind of stuff. They even had a room with computers in them so you could email Santa and actually get a reply. Jared was skeptical and wanted to challenge Santa so he asked for a million bucks in small unmarked bills and that he didn't mind getting coal. Teenagers! Our friend told him to watch out for the Santa police. Our friend AJ is always wearing shorts and a t-shirt no matter what the weather. So this particular night I was impressed, he was actually wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. But looking a little closer he was soaked to the bone from the snow. So I guess it didn't really matter.
Hannah and Victoria's first time riding a pony. They were so excited it was funny watching two giggly little girls. Though it looks like these particular ponies had seen better days. One of them had his feet pointing outward. He was the opposite of pigeon-toed. Really wierd.

This is one of eight backdrops that Kirk just whipped out lickety split in our very own garage. He makes it look so easy. They really dressed up the rooms and made them fun to be in. Cookie decorating. Victoria and Hannah had drawn pictures for Santa and were very pleased to see that Santa had visited the cookie decorating room. Victoria couldn't wait to give him hers. A special hug from Santa. A special hug for Hannah too! The girls could have hung out all night in the petting zoo. It kind of looks like Victoria had strangled this chicken. I guarantee you it is still alive. They were so tame. I have never seen so many tame chickens. This bunny was really cute. Oh the little grey and white bunny was cute too. And this bunny was cute too. The red haired one that is. The hanging snowflakes turned out great! This room looked like it was ransacked. I think the kids tore through this game and left it in shambles. This was pin the nose on the reindeer game and some other ones. Cute huh. Santa's workshop was busy, busy. It came with extra elves!
Only in Scottsdale do you need painted snowdrifts.

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Katherine said...

Kirk, once again you have done an awesome job. Those back drops are great, it's amazing how you just whip those out. Those made your festival perfect. Looks like lots of fun with the crafts, animals and rides.