Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

Man it's HOOOOTTT!!!
So what do you do on the Fourth of July when it is 110+ degrees.  You swim hoping that it will actually cool you off. 
The water was a little refreshing at 84 degrees. Pretty close to bath water but still worth the swim. 
It was nice visiting with Nana and Poppa and Auntie Kim.  We don't get much of that so it was nice just hanging out and floating in the pool dodging water bombs, squirt guns, canonball splashes and underwater torpedoes.  We would be talking and someone would grab an ankle and yank you off balance.
The cousins had a great time goofing around.  Some of the things that the boys were doing was a little wierd.
They would line up on the diving board and take turns diving in, or do cannonballs.  There were usually waves at the other end of the pool where the adults were hanging out.

I love watching the kids swim and jump in.  They burn themselves out to the point of exhaustion.

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Katherine said...

I could not figure out who that tall kid was behind Kyle, Jared, Kaleb and Victoria, so I zoomed in and it was YOUR DAD with that mischievous smile of his, priceless! How did you do those cupcakes, I can understand the striped layers but the circles has me stumped. You need to check out "I am Baker" off my blog links, she does a lot of those cakes with pictures in them.