Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gardening in PJ's

Somehow I missed these pictures of when we helped Kathy plant the rest of her garden! 
We started after dinner so Victoria is already in her PJ's. 
I love it when the day is winding down and the sun casts long shadows.
It is beautiful.
Pumpkin the cat loved laying in between the rows.  Zeus was supervising to make sure that Kaleb's row was straight.  I would have never imagined that my cousin Kathy and my youngest daughter would be planting seeds together.  They pretty much even have their hair the same way.  Long and beautiful.
I love how Kathy includes my kids and engages them into doing things.
The kids were very excited to help plant seeds.  I think the pets were too.
By the time we got home Kathy called to say that the corn had already grown an inch above the ground and that the onions were a little above that.
It was so peaceful.  The most exciting part was that the air temperature was very comfortable. 
It was beautiful.

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Katherine said...

I loved having the kids helping. None of my children seem to have the passion of gardening, not that I can say I am passionate, but I do enjoy being out there late in the evening and being exhausted from working hard and seeing my work. Thanks kids for your help. I will be sending updated photos of our progress.