Saturday, July 9, 2011

Water Rockets

We thought we would spend some family time shooting off the water rocket at the park the other night.  Yeah, it was still 100 degrees out at dusk but it was worth it.
This water rocket we have had for probably 12 years.  It is made from PVC, a tire valve, a bike pump and a 2 liter bottle with water.
I came across it in the garage the other day and decided it was time to pull it out again and have a little fun.
I kept trying to get an actual picture of the bottle leaving it's resting position and kept missing it.  One second it is there and the next it is gone leaving behind a stream of water.

 I did finally get one.  It looks like Kaleb is going to be hit in the face with it but I assure you that he is a couple feet away.  It only "looks" like that.

Jared has always found time to attempt to wrestle his Dad to the ground. Now that he is actually taller than Kirk he "thinks" he might be able to do it.  
Kirk still out weighs him so it will be a long time before he can pull his Dad over. 
 You can just barely see the bottle flying out of the picture.

It was a little hard for Victoria to pump an endless amount of air into a Squirt bottle.  She was funny to watch because she was trying every single kind of technique to force the lever down.

I love this picture.  Catching an empty plastic bottle falling from about 50 ft in the air is like trying to catch a feather floating right in front of you.
AAwwww....he missed!

I love this time of day.


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Katherine said...

I was starting to wonder if you went out all color coordinated. Looks like a really fun evening.